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    EvE0001's Log


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    EvE0001's Log Empty EvE0001's Log

    Post  EvE0001 on Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:20 am

    Assistant Engineer's Log Star Date: 65975.6

    <EvE0001 sits in front of the computer tilting her head curiously at the monitor>

    "Computer begin log."

    <...voice print identification confirmed EvE-Zero-Zero-Zero-One...>

    "Thank you."

    ...I am alone...I am one...I am a stranger in a strange land...I am the first and the last of my kind, there are no more...I am EvE0001...the others did not survive the attack by the Star Fleet Task-force that intercepted us along with the Borg force that pursued us. I do not bear them any ill will for attacking us, were I in their position...I would have done the same. They are afraid...the Borg have given them ample reason to be so. The memories of my existence as a drone are dim and fragmented, but I remember enough to know that many horrible things were done to these people in the Borg pursuit of "perfection". I have no such aspirations.

    ...I have been interviewed by "experts" and debriefed by some of the highest members in the Federation Council including the president himself (albeit under close security). The top xeno-biologists that the Federation had to offer have classified be as a "Nano-biological life-form" and I have been deemed "...not a threat to the safety and security of the Federation and to be granted all of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship...". By their best estimate I am what the Borg could have been or may yet become. I find this unlikely as I am what could be called a totally different form of Borg...created not by the Borg, but in spite of their machinations...

    ...I have a great deal to prove to the Federation and this Fleet in particular. They do not trust me...to them I am just another Borg...though they do not say it, they fear me or more to the point "what they think I am". My sensory network detects the minute changes in their physiology when I am present, it must be difficult to be ordered to accept what you believe is a monster into your ranks as an ally and an equal. The Borg have a great deal to pay for...all that they have done to this sector of space (and many others) and what they did to my kind. Annihilation of an emerging species is considered a "high crime" by those that lead the Federation, perhaps that was (at least in part) the catalyst for the "understanding" that I have been granted...

    "Computer...end log."

    -end log-

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